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Welcome to New Directions Aroma

New Directions Australia would like to introduce you to a widely increased range of products to welcome in the New Year.

For those who are unfamiliar with New Directions we are celebrating over 19 years of selling Pure Essential Oils, Raw Materials and many other products to every corner of the world and widely regarded as one of the largest wholesalers of essential oils and related products.

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I let the bowl of drinking water sit with the rocks within the window, next to a sunlight chime for 24 hours. The water is definitely then infused with the oscillation of the words, the sun, the particular stars, the moon as well as the chime. Now that you are carried out with the baby's heads you are able to place a couple of drops associated with massage oil into your hands so that you can warm them. Then you definitely are going to want to move to the particular baby's chest. Again, begin in the middle and move to the outside. Move your way to the hands at this point. You will want to basically place your hands on each aspect of your baby's arm plus gently roll the muscle mass in between the hands. While you move down the arm you are able to go towards the hand carefully manipulating each finger.

You can also dispose of your headache medicine. Bergamot pure essential oil has been noted intended for headache relief. All you need to complete is mix bergamot essential oil with a carrier oil, like safflower oil, and stroke into your temples and the back again of your neck. A few falls will be enough to get rid of a particular headache, especially if it is pressure related.

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Having built our reputation on a foundation of excellence in quality and highly competitive prices complemented with friendly, professional service, we are constantly expanding around the globe and now have offices not only in the UK, but also the USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Portugal and our Head Office in Australia.

Through continual research and development, our buyers meet and deal directly with producers around the world to ensure stringent quality standards are met to ensure you receive the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

New Directions is caring for the environment
by providing you as a customer with the finest certified organic oil and products.

Our organic range covers:
- Essential Oils
- Vegetable and Carrier Oils
- Floral Waters
- Baby Products
- Raw materials

Coming soon...
- Massage & Bath Oils
- Soul Healing Oils
- Nourishing Healing Oil Blends
- Blends for Health
- Blends for Life
- Blends for Ritual
- Dilutions in 3% Jojoba
- Balms/Salves
- Bath Salts
- Shampoos/Conditioners
- Body Wash

New Directions is the leading, global wholesaler of premium, theraputic oils, carefully selected from around the world. Borrowed from pure, natural resources, our oils are extracted using delicate methods, which gently preserve the unique signatures of the plant. Ultimately assuring, that our customers receive the highest quality aromatheraphy oils the earth has to offer.
Essential Oils
One of the widest ranges of essential oils you will find anywhere in the world – over 200 pure essential oils. Essential Oil Dilutions 3% diluted in Jojoba Oil. More...

Essential Oil Dilutions
invite you to experience the luxurious qualities of precious oils blended with the emollient and soothing qualities of jojoba oil. More...

Water Dispersible Massage Bases
Works like a massage oil, washes like a wonder. Water dispersing massage oil washes away with water and lets your skin breathe, leaving it soft and silky. More...
An elite group of essential oils, absolute are also known as fl oral extracts. Exhibiting a strong aroma and a powerful effect, absolute oils are famed for their precious value and exquisite structure. Strenuously extracted absolute oils put the P in Pure with high levels of concentrate and freedom from inactive materials. More...
Carrier Oils
A perfect base goes a long, long way! Nourish and regenerate your skin with our vegetable and carrier oils, consisting of only the highest quality, these oils make vital ingredients when used as bases for emollients for massage blends, moisturisers, lip balms, body butters, hand creams, hair treatments and many more! More...
Ayurvedic Oils
Ayur standing for life and Veda standing for Science. Originating from India 5000 years ago, Ayurveda consists of three main elements, Vata, Pitta and Kapha making up the human body. Ayurvedic oils and extracts aspire the workings of the doshas, with oils tailored to activate and boost the energies of each dosha. More...
Massage Blends
Promising to leave you skin feeling soft and supple, our massage blends are created in a premium base of sweet almond, wheatgerm and soya bean oils. Intended to enhance your massage experience these massage blends are the natural way to uplift your mood and stimulate your senses. More...
Fragrant Oils
Designer fragrances for your products, oil burners, incense sticks, soap and candle manufacturing. More...
Australian Flower Essences
Flower essences are emotionally healing. Working on deeper, soul levels of healing, they enable us to see feel, and understand the root and cause of our pain and dis-ease. More...

Raw materials
consist of the basic ingredients for all your beauty products! Create, develop and perfect all your recipes with an extensive range of fi ne ingredients and exotic materials. More...

Fruit Extracts
Full of nature’s goodness and plentiful vitamins and minerals, fruit extracts contain all the original nutrients of the fruit. So whether it’s the Vitamin C from Kiwi fruit or the calcium from Fig, you can tailor your products to suit your needs. More...
Herbal Teas
Therapeutic herbal teas to revitalize and rejuvenate. Carefully formulated by our resident herbalist. Delicious tasting teas which are known to promote wellbeing. More...

Botanicals Dried flowers
leaves, pods etc to use in pot pourri, bath sachets, soaps, bath salts, scrubs etc. More...

Extracts, Healing and Medicinal Herbs
Ranging from antioxidants to exotic healing herbs, combine the goodness found in extracts, healing and medicinal herbs in your skin and body care products. Herbal extracts have been available since the dawn of time and the benefi ts that these extracts can provide are endless. More...
Skincare Bases
The purest of skincare only comes with the fi nest ingredients. Be one step ahead with our SLS free, unscented toiletry bases, brought to you as a result of continual research and development and formulated to perfection. More...

Candles 100 % Organic Wax Candles
Uniquely manufactured from a natural plant source which as a raw material is both sustainable and kind to your environment. Not produced from petroleum based paraffi n was, animal or beeswax. Naturally coloured and subtly scented with either essential oil or natural fragrance oils. More...

Luxurious hand made soaps, liquid soaps and melt and pour soaps. More...
Savour your thirst for knowledge with our extensive selection of books. Offering an assortment of DIY manuals, aromatherapy guides, essential oil directories etc. More...

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